Transport Fiber
400 µm 0.22NA

This transport fiber has a 400 micron core and 0.22 NA. The fiber has anti-reflection (AR) coating on both of the SMA-905 connectors. The AR-coating eliminates the approximately 8% loss of light that would normally occur. 

All Necsel transport fibers are protected with a stainless steel jacket or a black PCV overcoated steel monocoil jacket.

  • 400 um Core
  • 0.39 NA or 0.22 NA
  • 1.5-3m Long
  • AR Coated
  • SMA-905 Connector
  • Necsel Red Lasers
  • Necsel Green Lasers
  • Necsel Blue Lasers
  • Necsel RBG NovaLum Lasers