Red 660 8W

The Necsel Red Laser produces an impressive 8W of power in a package less than a few cubic inches. This industry standard package has high wall plug efficiency and includes both FAC and SAC lensing. For users who want to get started right away, combine this laser with the Necsel Red Developer’s Kit.

  • 8 W of Power
  • 30,000 hours of Lifetime
  • FAC/SAC Lensing Included
  • Thermistor Included
  • Industry Standard Package
  • Optional Fiber Coupling
  • Optional Developer’s Kit
  • Digital Projection
  • Remote Source Lighting
  • Hazardous Lighting
  • Theme Park Attractions
  • Forensics
  • Medical
  • Therapeutics
Specifications Summary
Parameter Units Min Typical Max
Operating Power W 8
Temperature °C 25
Wavelength Range nm 654 657 660
Slope Efficiency W/A 1.0
Recommended Drive Conditions
Laser Diode Voltage V 2.1
Operating Current (CW) A 11
Threshold Current A 3.5
Lensing Options
Fast-Axis Collimation mrad <15
Slow-Axis Collimation mrad <40
Fiber-Coupling Options
Connector SMA 905
Fiber-Core Diameter μm 400
Fiber NA 0.22
Fiber NA 0.39