NovaTru™ CHROMA 633 SLM
Wavelength Stabilized

The Single-Longitudinal-Mode solution (SLM) diode laser module is for stable, high power illumination requirements. The NovaTru Chroma 633 SLM is the perfect drop-in replacement for HeNe lasers. This compact, high power laser delivers up to 50mW of stable output power at 632.8nm in a compact, turnkey form factor at a very economical cost.

  • High Power Single Mode Performance
  • VBG Wavelength Stability
  • Ultra Stable Output Power
  • Fully Integrated OEM Solution
  • Very Low Power Consumption
  • Collimated or Fiber Coupled Output
  • User Selectable Control Options
  • Compact, Small Box Design
  • HeNe Replacement
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Confocal Microscopy
  • Metrology
  • Interferometry
  • Microlithography
  • Fluorescence Excitation
  • Raman Spectroscopy
Operating Specifications
Parameter Units Min Typical Max
Output power mW 20 - 50
Spectral linewidth Khz <1
Wavelength stability pm +/- 2
ASE suppression (typical)** dB 40
Optical power stability %rms +/- 1
Noise (10Hz–100MHz) %rms .2
Free Space Optical Specifications
Beam quality (mˆ2 typical) vertical 1.2
Beam quality (mˆ2 typical) horizontal 1.1
Beam diameter vertical mm 1.6
Beam diameter hortizontal mm 0.8
Beam aspect ratio 1.5-2
Beam divergence—vertical mrad 0.8
Beam divergence—horizontal mrad 1.3
Beam pointing stability (over 8 hours) µrad <50
Polarization ratio linear 100:1
Electrical Specifications
DC input (max) 2A @ 3.3V
Warm-up time min 2
Power consumption W 5
Case temperature °C 15–40
Humidity (non-condensing) % 5–95