MDP Red 637

The Red Multi-Die Package (MDP) was created to provide superior technical and cost performance than other red laser display packages. The MDP provides better temperature performance than TO-cans, diode banks or diode bars.  The MDP is configured in 4 rows of 5 diodes each and is a more easily integrated solution, has the ability for operation in either CW or pulsed mode, and provides a readily scalable architecture for fast-ramping mass production.

Optional Accessories

  • 24W of Power
  • 20,000 hours of Lifetime
  • Digital Projection
  • Remote Source Lighting
  • Hazardous Lighting
  • Theme Park Attractions
  • Forensics
  • Medical
  • Therapeutics
Specifications Summary
Parameter Units Min Typical Max
Operating Power W - 24W
Temperature °C 25
Wavelength Range nm 632 637 641
Driver Requirements
Laser Diode Voltage Per String (4 strings per MDP) V 11.5 14.0
Operating Current (CW) A 1.3 1.6