Green 525 5W

The Necsel Green Laser contains direct emitting diodes and produces 5W of power. This laser has a fast turn on time, excellent stability, and operates at a wide temperature range. For users who want to get started right away, combine this laser with the Necsel Green Developer’s Kit.

  • 5W of Power
  • 400um Fiber Coupled
  • 20,000 hours of Lifetime
  • Optional Developer’s Kit
  • Digital Projection
Specifications Summary
Parameter Units Min Typical Max
Operating Power W - 5W
Temperature °C 35
Wavelength Range nm 520 525 528
Driver Requirements
Laser Diode Voltage V 36 38 42
Operating Current A 1.6 1.8
Fiber Coupling Options
Connector SMA905
Fiber Core Diameter μm 400
Fiber NA 0.22