Necsel Completes Its Acquisition of PD-LD Inc.


MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA – April12, 2016 – Necsel IP Incorporated, a leading laser and laser solutions company, today announced the successful completion on March 23rd, 2016 of the acquisition of PD-LD (, a leader in communication, stabilized-module and VBG glass technology.

PD-LD is a manufacturer of customized laser products, headquartered in Pennington, New Jersey, USA. Since 1993, PD-LD, Inc. has been leveraging top-notch technical and manufacturing capabilities to create active and passive (VBG®) laser products that are high-quality, cost-effective, tailored to customers’ needs, and delivered in a timely fashion. Furthermore, PD-LD continues to innovate on its patented volume Bragg grating (VBG®) technology, for which the company has been awarded over 35 patents since 2003, with over 15 additional patents currently pending.

“This is an exciting time in the laser industry as the fields of applications continuously expand. As part of Necsel we look to grow much faster with the strength of a worldwide market leader and expansive sales force”, stated Uri Abrams, GM Necsel Communication and Instrumentation.

“The combination of Necsel and PD-LD creates a world class laser solutions provider and allows us to further utilize our global footprint and sales support. This acquisition will increase our know-how and strengthens our IP portfolio to better serve our customers in the bio-instrumentation and life sciences space. It also augments and strengthens our vertical integration to continue to serve the needs of our projection customers and enhance the global rollout of laser cinema. We are excited to join the companies together as it bolsters our vision to drive lasers to become as ubiquitous as lamps and LEDs, and to create with our customers the next generation of projection displays and life sciences products” said William Mackenzie, Chairman and CEO of Necsel.

About Necsel

Necsel, Inc. develops and manufactures lasers and laser solutions for the projection, endoscopes, bio instrumentation, industrial and life sciences marketplaces. The company’s cost effect solutions provide these applications additional performance, such as brighter sources, higher contract ratios, longer lifetimes, and allows the creation of products that were never possible before. Necsel’s business model includes high-level customer interaction and co-development to rapidly advance its customer’s technology capability and product performance. The company is head quartered in Silicon Valley, CA with manufacturing facilities worldwide. To learn more about Necsel visit

About PD-LD

PD-LD, Inc., a specialty photonic packaging company, headquartered in Pennington, N.J. is a U.S. manufacturer and assembler of pigtailed and receptacle mounted fiber coupled laser diodes, LED’s, detectors, high power pulsed lasers and bi-directional devices for the optical communications, test equipment and medical industries. Named one the fasted growing technology companies in N.J., PD-LD has also been very successful in developing a new Volume Bragg Grating® (VBG®) technology, with wide applications in many branches of photonic industries. The company provides custom Volume Bragg Grating® (VBG®) elements, VBG stabilized lasers and sub-systems for a variety of applications, including Raman spectroscopy, flow cytometry, medical instrumentation, high power lasers and displays. PD-LD currently licenses the VBG® technology to other companies active in the field. The technology is protected by over 35 issued patents, with more pending. For more information, visit


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